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What to Expect at an EPIC NIGHT RUN!

Pre-Party Activities

Enjoy Dance Party, Giveaways, Body Marbling, Glow Paint, and our countdown to the Color Throw

Foam Zone

Walk or run through our Foam Station and come out covered with foam. You won’t want to leave!

Barrier Challenge Zone

You think you have what it takes to move through our fog-filled Barrier Zone? Challenge yourself at night with fog all around your feet and lights you haven’t seen before! You can go for speed or walk through.

Color Powder Zone

Show your colors and run through the Color Zone. With so many colors of powder being thrown, you are bound to be covered in bright colors!

70 Foot Inflatable Obstacles

You won’t miss this inflatable! Our 70-foot inflatable structure with slides is pure fun. Don’t get lost as you make your way through the obstacle course!

35 Foot Inflatable Obstacles

If one 70 footer wasn’t enough, we include two more 35 feet obstacle inflatables with slides. Be ready to feel young again!

Color Spray Zone

So you’ve been foamed (not sure if that’s a word), colored with powder, and ran through obstacles, now it’s time to be sprayed with liquid color! Why not, right?

Foam obstacle run through Zone

Did you say you want more foam?! Well, here you go! This one adds foam and the obstacle challenge. When you thought it was fun to run or walk through Foam you now have the Challenge of the Foam obstacle! Good luck not laughing.

After Party Event Activities

You made it this far, why not reward yourself with more entertainment. Didn’t get the Color Powder look you wanted? No need to worry. Get more dye packets and wait for the countdown for a huge color throw! Additional Foam will be added to the after party. Enjoy Music, body marbling, glow water, and much more!

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Event Date, Time, & Details

Are you ready for the most EPIC night time 5k, color, inflatable, obstacle, foam run of your life? Let’s come together for a night that we will never forget.  We look forward to seeing friends and family members laugh and smile as they embark on an EPIC adventure. Neon lights will illuminate the environment around you bringing color to life! Spend a night running through obstacles, foam, listening to music and dancing to your heart’s desire.

WE are ready to make EPIC memories with you, that will truly #LightUpYourLife

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