Epic Night Run is coming and it’s going to be an amazing night time 5k run!

We are planning a lot of fun things for everyone.  To help communicate with everyone before and during the event, and to help you communicate with other attendees, we are going to use social media – Mainly Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.  We strongly recommend you follow us for up to date information during the race.


  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Google+
  • Pinterest
  • reddit

We will use hashtags during the event.  Here are some tags you may want to follow while you are at the event:

  • #enrlostandfound – If you lost or found something let everyone know!
  • #enrsolo – Going to the event along and want to meet other like-minded attendees?
  • #enrmeetup – Want to meet other groups after the event?  Use this tag to let everyone know about after event entertainment!
  • #enrfeedback – Have an idea that will help us improve our run?  Let us know with this hashtag.

Also, each we will use an event-specific hashtag for each race to communicate information leading up to the event.

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